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Posted: Apr 15, 2021 - 2:03 PM
Updated: Apr 16, 2021 - 2:12 PM

Attention All Surviving Verdansk Operators,

Given current models and errant transmissions, please be aware of the following:

A major contagion warning has been issued for the Gora Dam following the movement of hostile forces from the areas southwest. It is believed that all mutations of the current threats may be present in this area. Consider these threats extremely dangerous.

Current postulations point to the origin of these threats: It is believed that the hostiles we are attempting to contain were possibly crew members of the “ghost ship” Vodianoy, as well as research personnel from the ship’s originating port, [REDACTED] codenamed “Rebirth Island.” It is further hypothesized that cargo contained within the hold of the ship contained the current contaminant.

The current conclusion is that the Vodianoy, a cargo tanker last sighted as leaving port [REDACTED], released this chemical contaminant – once thought to be completely eradicated from the earth due to its synthetic nature – back into the greater ecosystem.

This explains the presence of Yellow Access Cards found on uniforms of hostile forces. During Operation Rapid Sunder, our most elite Operators found similar Access Cards throughout Verdansk previously held by those who were given access to restricted areas around the conurbation and its adjacent vicinity within the Arklov Peak mountain range. Similarly, these Yellow Access Cards appear to be tied to another restricted area within Verdansk, along with being able to open emergency stashes of equipment to be used in case of a biohazardous crisis.

The containment percentage was – and currently is – accurate. These hostile forces have left contamination traces across every area they invaded. We have yet to uncover studies on the material’s half-life – due to the rapid escalation of non-standard hostilities – and therefore cannot provide full guidance on the exact impact these traces have even on the most trained and highly prepared Operators.

Therefore, our guidance remains steadfast: Threats – human or otherwise – should be neutralized on sight. Contaminated areas should be avoided by Operators who do not have personal protection equipment such as specialized Gas Masks, though such devices may be found within these Containment Zones, likely belonging to previously fallen Operators. Secure these masks at your own risk.

Above all else, the objective for Operation Rapid Sunder has not changed:

Survive at all costs.

Stand by for further emergency orders.

FROM FIELD OPERATOR [REDACTED]: Pull everyone out now. This is a fool’s errand.

NOTE FROM ACC: Critical safety measures are being put into place. Do not share with the general public.

FROM FIELD OPERATOR [REDACTED]: What the hell does that mean?!

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