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Posted: May 14, 2019 - 7:35 PM
Updated: May 14, 2019 - 7:57 PM

Few weeks before launch, there was controversy surrounding the upcoming Bethesda shooter Rage 2. The Deluxe edition of the game included a few perks that called the gaming community attention, raising red flags. Two added items had some streamers worried.

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Those are exclusive perks that only come with the deluxe edition of the game, that means the other players that got the regular version will be able to purchase them with real money thru in-game microtransactions. The game official Twitter account was quick to say that these were actually perks you could buy from NPCs in the game. Later on, a Bethesda representative responded:

The 2 concerned perks from the Deluxe Edition, Progress Boosters, and Cheat Codes cannot be purchased with real-world money. Instead, they are only obtainable in-game from NPCs using earned in-game money.

In the other hand, what isn’t unsurprising, is that other in-game items are available for purchase with real money in the game thru microtransactions, named Rage Coins. If you go to the buying page at Microsoft (for instance), you’ll see the disclaimer “Offers in-app purchases” beneath the purchase button.

Watch 12 Min Gameplay of RAGE 2

These microtransactions in Rage 2 shown in four different payment choices for the in-game premium currency, called RAGE Coins. The more you purchase at once, the more RAGE coins you’re going to get back with your initial purchase. Here are the 4 groups.

500 RAGE Coins: $4.99
1,100 RAGE Coins: $9.99
2,500 RAGE Coins: $19.99
4,500 RAGE Coins: $34.99

After you’ve purchased your RAGE Coins, you can take them to the premium market place to buy exclusive skins and items.

Rage 2 looks great, by the way. Bethesda needs the win after the ongoing disaster that is Fallout 76.

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