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Posted: May 25, 2019 - 11:02 AM
Updated: May 29, 2019 - 11:23 AM

Mordhau released on April 29, 2019, since then the first-person medieval combat game has sold over 500,000 copies, and it peaked at a 60,000 player count on Steam. Some well-known games don’t get to reach those numbers in their lifetime. It was a fantastic accomplishment for Triternion, considering it is the first title of the small indie developer.

Visually, the game, built in Unreal Engine 4 does not let us down. The graphics are astonishing, and the maps are well designed. One thing to highlight about Mordhau it’s how gore-y it is. They did great at capturing the essence of how brutal medieval combat was, and as the matches go on, players will see the bodies scattered throughout the battlefield piling up and lying in huge pools of blood.


In the PVE co-op mode, called Horde, you will start the match without any equipment. Players will have to fight against AI opponents, and the quantity of these will increase with each round. As you kill off the enemies, you’ll start earning gold that you can use to buy weapons and armor.

The Deathmatch mode is self-explanatory. Like in any other game with this mode, it will be free for all with a team option available as well.

The Skirmish mode is a Team Deathmatch in which you’ll only have one life per round.

The Frontline mode is a little bit more competitive than the already mentioned ones. In this mode, you must capture control points as you start getting closer to the enemy base. You can build defensive points across the maps, and you can aid your team with your weapons.

Last but not least, the Battle Royale mode. It is what everyone expected, nothing very innovative. However, unlike in other BR games, in Mordhau the shrinking map always shrinks to the center, and this leaves little to no room for strategy.

Watch 20 min Gameplay

Despite all the positivity during the launch, Triternion dealt with a few unexpected problems. They weren’t expecting so many people to be interested in the game, so the performance of the servers was a little wonky due to the immense amount of people that wanted to play the game. Because of this, matchmaking broke, and the auto-match option was unavailable for many players. Fortunately, the developer team apologized for the issues quickly and started working on a solution for that situation.

More bugs and issues were found after that. The most significant one was a bug that restricted players from earning XP or gold when ending a match. The developer team addressed it quickly again and promised players a compensation that will be delivered in an upcoming patch.

The Combat

There’s a training option that will walk you through the basics of the combats mechanics. You will get a chance to practice all the different combos and counter-attacks, as well as mounted combat, archery, and siege mechanics.

Mordhau is sold as a skill-based combat game, and it definitely is. The combat can be a little overwhelming for beginners, so don’t get discouraged if you die the first few matches immediately. Learning the weapons and all their weaknesses and strengths, together with mastering the melee-type combats can be a process.

Characters and Armor

Once you get to level 2, you will have the option to start building a personalized character. This includes body and facial adjustments, and 16 equipment points to distribute between gear and perks.

GEAR – With the Gear, you’ll have three slots. You can fill them up with a shield, multiple weapons, healing kits or smoke bombs.

ARMOR – You’ll have three main pieces of armor: your helmet, chest, and leg pieces. Each of the armor slots has a light, medium, and heavy option. There are also several cosmetic options pieces for the neck, hands, and feet.

PERKS – As of right now, there are 19 perks to choose from in the game. Each of these perks gives your character abilities to enhance their capacity of survival.

Mordhau has undoubtedly been extremely successful. Despite the complexity of the combat and the mechanics in general, it is a breath of fresh air for the genre. The game went through a lot of struggles on the week of their launch, but the developer team did a great job at addressing all the issues quickly and they seem to really care about their community.
May 25, 2019

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