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Posted: Apr 26, 2021 - 3:51 PM
Updated: Apr 26, 2021 - 3:51 PM

Neymar Jr., Brazilian National Team soccer star, is coming to Fortnite, and why not add real athletes to the mix? This is, after all, a game that has already featured The Terminator, Batman, Ellen Ripley, and now even the Tomb Raider herself, Lara Croft. In Fortnite, there are no bounds to who might show up. However, despite his tease already, you’ll have to wait a bit longer before you can actually play as Neymar Jr. as he’s coming to the game tomorrow, April 27.

Neymar was teased in March, and has now been fully revealed with even the game’s menus leaving no room for doubt. But you can’t play as him just yet, no matter what Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass tier you climb to. What we do know, however, is when you’ll be able to play as Neymar.

Neymar Jr. Fortnite Challenges

Like Predator, Wolverine, and others before him, the midseason secret skin of Neymar Jr. will include his own bonus challenges for players to complete. Doing so will unlock new cosmetics that tie into the Neymar Jr. set. Below you’ll find a complete list of challenges you’ll be chasing as well as a first look at the cosmetics you’ll unlock.

  • Talk to an island soccer player: Talking to one of these characters will reward you with the Soccer Ball Emote Toy and the Neymar Jr Banner
  • Complete 3 quests from island soccer players: Unlocks Matador Loading Screen
  • Complete 5 quests from island soccer players: Unlocks Neymar Jr Outfit
  • Drop kick the soccer ball toy 500 meters as Neymar Jr: Unlocks Joia Trophy Back Bling
  • Score a goal with the soccer ball toy as Neymar Jr: Unlocks Jaguar Strike Pickaxe
  • Eliminate 3 opponents as Neymar Jr: Unlocks Shhh. Emote.

In addition to these new challenges, completing more Epic Quests (purple challenges) during the season will unlock additional Neymar Jr. rewards, including new Brazilian National Team-themed colorways. Using the Shhh Emote will also transform Neymar into his alternate style, his “Primal” form.

Neymar Jr. Cup

To celebrate his arrival in Fortnite, Epic is hosting the Neymar Jr. Cup on April 28, giving players a chance to win a real-life, custom-designed soccer boot inspired by Neymar Jr.’s Primal form. The tournament will be played in Solo queues and the top player from each region will be sent the item, making it extremely rare. Players can also win the new Spinner Takes All Emoticon as part of the tournament.

Neymar Jr. In Creative Mode

In addition to his arrival to the flagship game mode, Neymar Jr. is coming to Fortnite Creative along with his endorsement partner, Puma. Between April 27 and May 4, players can check out the Paris-themed Welcome Hub made by community creators Kryw and Iscariote. After unlocking the soccer ball from the first Neymar Jr. Quest, players can bring it with them to the new soccer field stationed there.

A new 8v8 competitive mode called “Go Crazy” will also be featured in Creative as another celebration of the athlete’s arrival. Earn gold by eliminating players, then use this gold to unlock upgrades and special bonuses for you and your team, with the first team to hit 200 eliminations declared the winner.

If you prefer your crossover skins to be stay in the video game realm, don’t miss the addition of Aloy from Horizon Forbidden West.

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