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Posted: Jun 06, 2019 - 6:05 PM
Updated: Jun 07, 2019 - 7:16 PM

After its confirmation months ago, PUBG’S Original Map Erangel will have a significant update that will be available for testing in the next few days.

Erangel, PUBG’s first map, has always been a fan favorite. However, the 2yr old map needs an update.

Due to multiple bugs and the poor graphics compared to some of the newer maps in the game , fans have been requesting changes for the past year or so. Back in March, data miners found that some aspects of the map were being changed on the test servers. One of them put together all the changes and posted it to Reddit. Not too long after the Reddit reveal, PUBG Developers made an official announcement saying that Erangel was their main focus at the moment and that in the remastered version they were going to give the map a visual upgrade and fix recurring bugs.

Image Comparison Before and After.

In the update video, some of the locations in Erangel were shown. We can see a massive improvement to the visuals of the map, the textures look refined, and there’s a lot more detail in it.

Watch the Developer Update Video.

Players will be able to play the updated map starting June 8 on the Test Servers.

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