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Posted: Nov 05, 2019 - 2:40 AM
Updated: Nov 05, 2019 - 2:40 AM

Everybody has been asking, what do you do in Death Standing? Kojima has revealed new trailers and gameplay footage at Gamescom Opening Night Live that answered some questions but also created new ones. Kojima has stated that in the game, forming strands between fractured American cities and linking people from East to West. Well, some journalists managed to get an in-depth look at Death Stranding behind closed doors at Gamescom, and based on what they saw, it sounds like Kojima was quite literal in his description.

Death Stranding is set in a future America that’s more divided than ever thanks to a series of terrorist strikes. To try to unite the fractured country to one, the president’s daughter Amelie tried a cross-country journey to reconnect a set of communication relays and spread a message of unity. Unluckily, Amelie didn’t make it to her destination, along the way a man wearing a Golden Mask, the leader of a terrorist group called Homo Demens captured her at the settlement of Edge Knot City.

As our main character Sam Bridges, portrayed by Norman Reedus, it’s your choise to follow Amelie’s path. The walk from East to West across America, reconnecting the communication nodes and making contact with many isolated preppers along the way. We’ve seen a necklace that is a Q-PIP that is a series of keys to unlock communication terminals. We ‘team’sUnlocking enough terminals in an area, and it will create a strand connection between that area and the others. A map will track how much of the space you’ve identified and all the links you’ve made with the NPCs in your journey.

While this isn’t 100% confirmed, based on what we’ve readI’ve, Death Stranding has features that are similar to games like a combination of God of War and Metro. “That has large, explorable stages that you proceed through a set order, rather than one large sprawling map. The reactivating of these Cryon terminal sounds like a standard open-world mechanics.

Watch the Launch Trailer PS4

We will finally see what Kojima has in stores for us in a few days, until then, we are left with rumors and notes from those who have had access to limited gameplay. No doubt, the game will be a divisive masterpiece. Just like its lore.

Death Stranding wanders onto PS4 on November 8.

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