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Posted: Nov 06, 2020 - 2:40 PM
Updated: Nov 06, 2020 - 2:40 PM

The Uzi is one of the strongest ground-loot weapons in Warzone with its high damage and range potential.

If you build your own, you’ll find yourself with one of the most versatile SMGs in the game. With a slow fire rate but high damage, this weapon will reward accurate shots.

Pair this weapon with a Sniper or Marksman Rifle to dominate at all ranges. It can be used to defend against enemies at close-medium range but is also useful for following up on Sniper shots to get the down.

Here are the best builds to maximize the Uzi’s potential in both Warzone and Modern Warfare’s multiplayer.


  • Monolithic Suppressor
  • 16.5″ Factory Carbine
  • G.I. Mini Reflex
  • Merc Foregrip
  • 50 Round Mags

This Uzi is built to be a jack of all trades. If you’re looking for a purely close-range weapon, you’re better off using a shotgun or fast-firing SMG. However, if you’re running a Sniper Rifle as a primary weapon, you want a secondary that’s effective at close range but will also handle itself at slightly further ranges.

To do this, we’re going with the Monolithic Suppressor and the 16.5″ Factory Carbine barrel. The Monolithic Suppressor vastly increases the range potential as well as keeping you off the minimap. The 16.5″ Factory Carbine barrel isn’t the longest available, so it increases range potential and recoil control without the maximum penalty to speed.

To boost the weapon’s close-range effectiveness, the Merc Foregrip is the perfect addition. It boosts hip-fire accuracy, helping at the closest ranges, and also improves movement speed. A reduction in vertical recoil also helps at all ranges.

With armored players in Warzone, you’ll want to increase the mag size to 50 Rounds. This will allow you to take on multiple enemies without reloading, or quickly finish a kill to prevent a self-revive.

The iron sights on the Uzi are somewhat obstructive, so it’s worth adding a red dot sight for extra accuracy. If you feel comfortable with iron sights, however, consider using a 5mW Laser to increase hip-fire accuracy, boosting its close-range effectiveness further.


The Uzi is an extremely strong choice for multiplayer. Its benefits in Warzone are amplified in multiplayer’s constant action on smaller maps. This weapon can eliminate a player with two headshots so aim high for maximum damage potential.

This Uzi build maximizes its speed to keep up with faster SMGs while boosting its damage potential. The 13.1″ First Responder barrel and .41 AE 32-Round Mags both increase the weapons range and damage. These allow it to compete with both SMGs and Assault Rifles.

To speed it up, giving it a further edge, the Tac Laser and Merc Foregrip are applied. The Tac Laser vastly increases ADS time, allowing you to quickly snap on to targets. The Merc Foregrip increases mobility and hip-fire accuracy, improving its effectiveness at close range.

And finally, the Rubberized Grip Tape keeps the weapon tighter in hand, allowing for recoil control. With the Uzi’s slow fire rate, accuracy is vital to its success.

If you want a versatile, high damage SMG for your loadout in Warzone and multiplayer, the Uzi is an extremely strong choice.

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