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Posted: Oct 20, 2020 - 3:26 PM
Updated: Oct 25, 2020 - 8:28 AM

Fallout 1st Limited Preview – Try member benefits for free!

In celebration of Bombs Drop Day, we’re sharing a preview of some Fallout 1st benefits with every Dweller in Appalachia for a limited time. Now until October 26, claim the “Fallout 1st Preview” item in the Atomic Shop to gain access to your free preview, which will grant you access to the Survival Tent, the Scrapbox, and will enable you to claim the Mechanic’s Wallpaper and Mechanic’s Floors in the Shop as well.

Fallout 1st Preview
Survival Tent
Mechanic’s Floor
Mechanic’s Wallpaper

Once you’ve claimed your Fallout 1st Preview, make you also unlock the Scrapbox and the Mechanic’s Wallpaper and Floors in the Fallout 1st section of the Shop in order to use them in-game. Additionally, once you add scrap to the Scrapbox, you can store it there forever, if you’d like. After October 26, you will still be able to remove any scrap you placed inside the Scrapbox, but you will be unable to add more unless you become a Fallout 1st member.

Finally, don’t forget to place your Survival Tent by opening the Favorites menu in-game, and then selecting the “Survival Tent” option at the bottom of the screen. Happy Bombs Drop Day! We hope you enjoy the Fallout 1st preview.

Free Items

Halloween is almost upon us, and this week we have more creepy items for you to celebrate with! Give those neighborhood vampires a home with the Coffin Decoration, available until October 27. In addition, you can still claim the Smiley Jack O’ Lantern in the Atomic Shop until November. Fallout 1st members can also petrify other Wasteland wanderers with the Mummy Costume, which is arriving just in time for some Trick or Treating!

ItemAvailable Until
Coffin DecorationOctober 27
Mummy Costume (Fallout 1st) – Mask, Outfit, & UnderarmorNovember 3
Smiley Jack O LanternNovember 3
Squares Wallpaper (Fallout 1st)November 3

Halloween Continues!

Feeling a bit Witchy this season? Halloween madness continues this week with the Black Cat C.A.M.P. Bundle- the purrfect addition to any Witches nest. Pour some sugar, spice, and everything nice into the Witch’s Cauldron, then store the leftovers in your very own Coffin Stash Box!

ItemAtom PriceAvailable Until
Black Cat Bundle1,300November 3
Cuddles the Clown Outfit700November 3
Witch Cauldron- Decoration & Cooking Station300November 3
Coffin Stash Box500November 3
Spooky Sound Machine250November 3
Skull Candles- Set of 3250November 3
Laughing Witch Player Icon150November 3
Pumpkin Vault Girl Mask300November 3
Space Backpack700 350 (50% off!)October 27

The Black Cat Bundle includes:

  • Animatronic Black Cat – Bonus item included in the bundle.
  • Carved Skull Candles – Set of 3
  • Coffin Stash Box
  • Witch’s Cauldron Decoration and Cooking station – Decoration & Cooking Station
  • Spooky Sound Machine
  • Laughing Witch Player Icon

Several limited time items that made their way into the Shop during previous weeks are still available for a little while longer. Claim them for your collection before they leave on the dates below.

ItemAtom PriceAvailable Until
Robber Halloween Bundle1,300November 3
Free States Junkyard Power Armor Paint1,200November 10
Robber Costume – Hat, Mask, Outfit, and Underarmor800November 3
Jail Cell Wall Kit500November 3
Large and Small Plasma Balls500November 3
Halloween Cardboard Cutout Set250November 3
Bat String Lights250November 3
Halloween C.A.M.P. Bundle1,300November 3
Halloween Decoration Bundle700November 3

Tricentennial Items Are Back!

Relive American history by picking up Tricentennial cosmetic items, which have returned to Fallout 76 and are now available for Atom purchase in the Atomic Shop.

ItemAtom Price
Tricentennial Bundle2000
Tricentennial Power Armor Paint Set800
American Patriot Suit700
10mm Tricentennial Paint250
Laser Gun Tricentennial Paint250
Hatchet Tricentennial Paint250
Commemorative Tricentennial Frame150
Tricentennial Salute Emote150
Tricentennial Poster Set200

Bombs Drop Day Sales

The day the Bombs Fell will forever remain in our memories. Celebrate surviving the atomic blast with these explosive deals, until October 27th.

ItemAtom Price
Raider Waster Bundle1,800 900 (50% off!)
Free States Revolutionary Bundle1,800 900 (50% Off!)
Survival Camouflage Bundle1,500 750 (50% off!)
Spring C.A.M.P. Bundle1,500 900 (40% off!)
Green Thumb Bundle1,500 900 (40% off!)
Mothman Cultist Bundle1,500 900 (40% off!)
Red Rocket Mega Furniture Bundle1,200 960 (20% off!)
Scrap Kit x 401,000 800 (20% off!)
Repair Kit x 401,000 800 (20% off!)

Weekly Offers

ItemAtom PriceAvailable FromAvailable Until
Slocum’s Joe C.A.M.P. Bundle1,500 1,050 (30% off!)October 20October 27
Contemporary C.A.M.P. Bundle1,200 840 (30% off!)October 20October 27
Camouflage Power Armor Paint Set1,200 240 (80% off!)October 23October 27
Keep Out Backpack500 100 (80% off!)October 23October 27
Glow-in-the-Dark Map400 80 (80% off!)October 23October 27
Light Wood Laminate Floor400 80 (80% off!)October 23October 27
Nuclear Winter Pose Bundle400 80 (80% off!)October 23October 27
Wild Appalachia Pose Bundle300 60 (80% off!)October 23October 27

Fallout 1st Offers

Fallout 1st members can enjoy some extra savings with some special deals this week, available until October 27. Check out all of the limited time sales below.

ItemAtom Price
Log Cabin Bundle1,500 1,200 (20% off!)
War Rider Power Armor Skin1,400 1,120 (20% off!)
Fasnacht C.A.M.P. Bundle1,200 960 (20% Off!)
Flyboy Bundle1,200 960 (20% Off!)
Mothman Traveler Bundle1,200 960 (20% Off!)
Blood Eagle Bundle1,200 960 (20% Off!)
Junkyard C.A.M.P. Bundle1,200 960 (20% Off!)
Down Home Dweller Bundle1,000 800 (20% Off!)
Mob Boss Bundle1,000 800 (20% off!)

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